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Idioms Quiz advance Level

Skill Level: Advance Level

Duration: Flexible

Objective: Q & A of common idioms

This is a simple question and answer game that can be played in teams or as a warm-up. If the answer is correct a score is given, but if the answer is incorrect, the question is open for anyone in the audience to answer.


1) A 2) A 3) C 4) B 5) A 6) A 7) A 8) A 9) B 10) A 11) C 12) A


1. "It happened in a flash" means:
a) it happens very quickly,
b) it happens when there is lightening,
c) all of the above.

2. "The older you get the sooner you will give up the ghost" means:
a) you'll eventually die,
b) to try half-heartedly,
c) to give up completely.

3. "I'm feeling abit under the weather" means you are:
a) walking in the rain,
b) walking under the clouds,
c) you are feeling a bit ill, sad or you lack energy.

4. "David is a good egg" means:
a) that there is a chicken by the name of David that lays good eggs,
b) David is a person who can be relied on,
c) David is smart.

5. "Don't jump the gun" means:
a) you start doing something before the appropriate time,
b) you do something but don't finish it,
c) you are committing suicide.

6. "You're in a pickle now for not paying your electricity bill" means:
a) you are in some trouble or mess,
b) you're in good terms,
c) you're bad.

7. "Now we're Even Stevens again" means:
a) something that is equal between two people,
b) two people named Steven,
c) All of the above

8. "Zero hour" means:
a) a time when something important is about to begin,
b) GMT hour,
c) Midnight hour.

9. "Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses?" means:
a) you are friendly and responsible,
b) you are competitive about material possessions and you are trying to have the best and latest things,
c) you imitate others.

10. "John Doe" refers to:
a) an unidentified male,
b) a famous historical figure,
c) to the actor John Doe.

11. "He has misunderstood everything, indeed he has gone off the rails":
a) the persons train has derailed,
b) the person got off the railway track,
c) the person has lost track of reality.

12. "I'm still on the phone, so keep your pants on!" means:
a) not to over-react or get angry,
b) don't take their pants off,
c) come back later.

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