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Idioms Quiz Beginner Level

Skill Level: Beginner Level

Duration: Flexible

Objective: Q & A of common idioms

This is a simple question and answer game that can be played in teams or as a warm-up. If the answer is correct a score is given, but if the answer is incorrect, the question is open for anyone in the audience to answer.


1) C 2) C 3) A 4) B 5) B 6) C 7) C 8) B 9) A 10) B 11) B 12) C


1. "You drive me crazy" means:
a) an irresponsible driver,
b) to be double-minded,
c) to greatly irritate or annoy some

2. "Are you starting to get cold feet" means:
a) your feet is cold,
b) your hands and feet are cold,
c) to become timid or afraid and change ones mind.

3. "Its freezing cold in here " means:
a) Its very cold,
b) Its very hot,
c) Its the middle of winter.

4. "Mary aced her maths test" means:
a) Mary fell asleep during her maths test,
b) Mary did very well in her maths test,
c) Mary failed her Maths test.

5. "Lets pitch camp for the night" means:
a) to physically setup camp,
b) to arrange a place to sleep for the night,
c) to stop and eat.

6. "Three Cheers for Bill's 50th birthday" means:
a) to stand-up and cheer three times,
b) to drink up,
c) to show how happy and pleased you.

7. "Jack is too much of a chicken to ask Martha out" means:
a) Jack doesn't like Martha,
b) Jack likes Martha,
c) Jack is too afraid to ask Martha for a date.

8. "Take a hike, you're bothering me " means:
a) to go for a very long walk,
b) an expression used to tell someone who is bothering or annoying you to go away,
c) to increase cost.

9. "I'm tired, I think I'll go and hit the sack" means:
a) you are tired and want to go to sleep,
b) to hit a bag,
c) to go plunder and rob someone.

10. "Its late, I better get going" means to:
a) to worry,
b) to leave,
c) to go and eat.

11. "I'm really hungry, lets stop and grab a bite to eat here" means:
a) the persons train has derailed,
b) to get something to eat,
c) to destroy.

12. "I'm a coffee person, I only drink tea once in a while " means:
a) the person prefers tea,
b) the person prefers coffee,
c) the person occasionally drinks coffee.

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