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Tic Tac Toe

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advance Level

Duration: Flexible

Number of Players: 10-20 players

Objective: Using vocabulary and idioms, to construct meaningful sentences.

This is the esl version of the traditional tic-tac-toe game. There are ready-made vocabulary and idioms worksheet based on this game attached. The teacher writes a list of idioms and words on a nine square grid table. Students work in teams to come up with the correct grammatical expression. The first team to form three X's or three O's in a row wins the game.


1. Copy the following 9 X 9 table layout onto a whiteboard. For each square, write down a list of vocabulary that you have reviewed with your class. If you are doing a topical study, you can mix your vocabulary words with common slangs and idioms, such as the following table which contains vocabulary and idioms that relates to the topic of relationships and love. See other Tic Tac Toe vocabulary and idioms worksheet examples for Business, Education and Medicine.

Tic-Tac-Toe Vocabulary and Idioms Worksheet About Relationships & Love
first love unrequited love those three little words love profess peer appearance split up head in the clouds
on the rocks mutual affection love handle attitude steal someone's heart marital status resentful affection legal status
hate offspring valentines day attraction partnership pop the question relationship match maker double date
courtship superficial those three little words puppy love blind date love child adoption the one and only affinity
walk out on make eyes at some-one go dutch head over heels in love with attractive love potion emotions hit it off illegitimate child
fall in love true love Keeping up with the Jones intimate crazy about tie the knot valentine love bite play hard to get
whisper sweet nothings in someone's ear marital bed resentment walk down the aisle find Mr. Right get serious love at first sight ask for some-one's hand in marriage break up
kiss and make up cohabitation legal separation marriage lady killer heart throb sweetheart fond get hitched
spouse love is blind heart and soul man eater love sick go steady husband a match made in heaven monogamy

Hint: Use the internet to help you find topical idioms and vocabulary. It's best to have half vocabulary and the other half idioms.

2. Next divide the class into two teams, designating one half as the "X" team and the other half the "O" team.

3. Begin the game by asking one of the teams to pick a square. Teams can cooperate and work together to come up with a grammatically correct sentence using the idiom or vocabulary from the chosen square. If the sentence is correct, mark the chosen square with either an "X" or "O". The team with three X's or three O's in a row wins the game.

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