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Advance VOIP Setup

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These two solutions offer a fast way to setup and use VOIP without too much technical knowledge.

3. Using Voice Over IP Phones

An IP Phone (or Internet Phone), looks similar to a normal phone, the main difference is its connection. A regular phone connects to the wall jack, while an IP phone connects directly into the ethernet port of your router. Once an IP phone is properly configured, it does not require any additional software or a computer to make and receive phone calls. All the necessary software is built into the handset.

Hardware Requirements: ordinary router, IP phone
Estimated Cost: US$20 - $200
Network Requirements: see VOIP Network Setup

4. VOIP Routers

VOIP routers can be purchased as an 'all-in-one' router that you simply connect to your home phone. A VOIP router combines both the function of a router as well a VOIP adapter. The most obvious advantage of this setup is that you have one less piece of hardware to deal with. Many small business VOIP 'all-in-one' routers also have several ports to connect additional telephones, faxes or to network several computers together. During the setup process, the router automatically configures itself, making the process as setup and as painless as possible. All you need to do to make VOIP calls is to connect your regular home phone.

There are several other advantages to an 'all-in-one' router compared to a stand-alone router. One big advantage is the effectiveness of the inbuilt Firewall software to protect your computer. A Firewall software helps to prevent viruses and Trojan Horse attacks. The reason for this is because of the sheer number of routers, models and brands with their own inbuilt Firewall software that are currently available on the market. Another advantage is the ability to prioritize bandwidth traffic. This simply means that if you have two outgoing signal, the router is able to detect and send the higher priority signal over the less urgent signal. This results in faster processing, less latency and a higher voice quality.

Hardware Requirements: VOIP router
Estimated Cost: US$200 - $500
Network Requirements: see VOIP Network Setup

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