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What are the advantages of laser welding?

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What are the advantages of laser welding?

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Laser welding is a high speed, non-contact, deformation of welding way, very suitable for large and continuous on-line processing. With the development of laser equipment and processing technology, laser welding ability has been enhanced. At present, using our fleet of 4 kw laser welding of 1 mm plate, welding speeds of up to 20 m/min, for example, the cars of the bottom plate of auto industry splicing welding work, etc.

Laser welding ways mainly have the conduction welding and penetration welding. The current global laser application mainly through welding. In recent years, high power laser than class in machinery, automobile, steel and other industrial department obtained day by day the widespread application.

Compared with other welding technology, laser welding machine main advantages are:

(1) laser welding speed, welding seam deep wide than large (up to 5 ~ 10), little deformation.

(2) of the box body and is suitable for precision and sealing requirement product processing. Laser beam can be obtained after gathered a small spot, precision positioning, can be used in mass production automation, not only greatly improve the production efficiency, and small heat affected zone, solder joint pollution-free, greatly improving the quality of the welding.

(3) the laser weld mechanical performance is good, the mechanical properties of the general weld are stronger than the parent metal.

(4) during welding, without blocking or vacuum environment, mean a lot to the industrial scale production.

(5) by laser welding wire welding and laser powder and other new technology, to realize industrialization of laser application, exploit new application field of laser welding.

(6) welding inaccessible areas, the implementation of non-contact remote welding. Especially in recent years, the optical fiber transmission technology is adopted in YAG laser processing technology, laser welding technology to obtain a more widespread popularization and application.

In a word, laser welding has the following advantages: high strength, long life; High welding speed, high efficiency; Lap interface simple technology, low rejection rate; Low positioning accuracy is suitable for industrialized production. Main application military-industrial complex enterprises, food industry, chemical industry, the petrochemical industry.