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The comparison of laser cutting and punching

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The comparison of laser cutting and punching

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Along with the social progress, laser cutting technology was also introduced to the metal processing industry, has become a rapidly developing industrial sheet metal cutting, wide application of advanced processing methods. According to unofficial statistics, our country is used in the industrial production of laser cutting system has more than 500 units, about 2% of the total running systems around the world.

In metal processing industry, laser cutting is widely applied in less than 20 mm thickness of mild steel and 8 mm stainless steel, sheet metal pieces of most for contour complex shape and volume is not large, such as automatic elevator components, elevator panels, machine tools and food machinery casing, all kinds of electrical cabinets, switch cabinets, textile machinery parts, engineering machinery parts, large motor silicon steel sheet, etc. In addition, some decoration, advertisement, service industry with metal design, logo, fonts, can also use laser cutting manufacturing.

CNC 2-foot-tall tower punching products suitable for mass production simple shape. Finished products have electrical cabinets, exchange of communication system cabinet panel, the elevator door plank and armrest, steel furniture, etc. From the same cutting processing compared with stamping conditions, laser cutting machine prices generally higher than nc 2-foot-tall tower punch, but because the advantage of its flexibility and other aspects (such as laser cutting just according to drawing shape cutting, also do not need to manufacture of moulds, shortening production cycle).

In recent years, some companies come to realize that it brought about by the high benefit, in order to enhance market competitiveness, enterprises have more than one CNC 2-foot-tall tower punch at the same time, the purchase of laser cutting machine, to adapt to the various types of products. So, rather than compete with nc 2-foot-tall tower punching machine, laser cutting machine to complement rather be better.