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The thor laser tube use and troubleshooting methods

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The thor laser tube use and troubleshooting methods

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First, when the first open cooling water, based on the principle of low input yield, adjust the position of the outlet to ensure water cooling pipe, tube not bubble, turn it on again. Requirements: cold water softening water (distilled water or clean water), and to always pay attention to the temperature of cooling water, the water temperature should be controlled within the scope of the 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, is not high or low, especially in the summer, when the water temperature is high, should find timely replacement of cooling water or downtime again rest: cooling water must be freezing cold regions, especially the laser after downtime, must not let the cooling water in the thor laser tube storage so as cooling water ice rupture. (note: the user use Exchange, cooling water tank must be to the ground); 

Second, the total length of the laser laser pipe two additional points of a quarter point, in order to ensure the flow of cooling water in 2 l - 4 l/min; Otherwise, the result is bad, it can cause rebound eyes on a few points results in reducing power; Cooling water must be cover of water tank or laser tube cooling system will fill every time you turn the power off.

Third, we should pay attention to protect Windows and avoid the process (including light path in debugging) sputtering smoke, laser output to the output window surface generation, prevent output window outside surface is pollution, power down, absorbent cotton or cloth soaked in ethanol, gently wipe the surface output window;

Fourth, in troubleshooting, support or by adjusting in order to achieve the best effect, the output laser rotating direction of laser and laser will be set.

Fifth, it is important to note: in order to avoid the accumulation of dust near high voltage electrode to keep dry, high side is far away from the metal as far as possible to prevent the high voltage spark discharge.

Sixth, laser, used in the process, in order to avoid congestion and poor cooling effect must be cooled water pipes, do not scale. Once found, free 20% hydrochloric acid cleaning cooling pipe scale.

Seventh, laser glass and fragile. Install and use, to avoid stress.

Eighth, the rationalization of the laser tube, laser energy savings, the best work in 16 horse power of laser tube.

The thor laser tube troubleshooting:

The first check valve laser tube support about fairness, point set of light intensity is about the rights of small arms and light offset and the focal length and the way of ytterbium on the surface of a designated trademarks and dirty realism and pressure to the normal flow of cooling water flow, in several projects is not the problem of laser tube refer to the lens inside the lamp mouth, designated trademarks and dirty real then laser tube, if is normal and even quality problems.

Problem for the first time, check the laser tube bearing point is reasonable if the temperature of the water for more than 30 degrees Celsius, the lens in the work, heat flow pressure of cooling water flow is normal cooling water is benevolence, higher than the normal then check that the laser tube