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The thor what are the main advantages of the technology of laser welding?

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The thor what are the main advantages of the technology of laser welding?

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Thor's main advantage is: laser welding technology
1, speed, depth and deformation is small.
2, at room temperature or special conditions for welding, welding equipment is simple. For example, box, through the laser beam will not compensate electromagnetic; In a vacuum, air and welding gas environment and through the transparent glass or laser beam welding materials.
3, refractory materials such as titanium, quartz and anisotropic materials welding can weld the better effect.
4, laser focus, high power density, when welding technology in high power components, aspect ratio of 5:1, the maximum is 10:1.
5, the welding can be performed. Coke, laser beams can get a few places and accurate positioning, can be used in mass production automation welding micro - and small workpieces.
6, can access to parts of welding and welding of non-contact distance, has a great degree of flexibility. In recent years, in particular, will be used in the YAG laser processing technology and optical fiber transmission technology, laser welding technology is more widely available and used.
7, easy to realize beam of a laser beam of time and space, can handle multiple beam and multistation processing, at the same time provides more precise welding conditions