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Why is more expensive than ordinary welding thor laser welding system? What is the reason?

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Why is more expensive than ordinary welding thor laser welding system? What is the reason?

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Laser welding technology systems are much more expensive than traditional welding equipment, laser welding can achieve higher productivity and quality of laser welding seam is still the economy. For example, a few millimeters can be more than migrant organizations/min with laser welding of thick steel plate. Compared with arc welding, laser welding heat affected zone is small, limits the development of thermal deformation, and at the same time improve the metallurgical and mechanical properties.


For this difficult welding aluminum and magnesium materials, laser welding provides new opportunities. For example, instead of using the traditional technology of 7000 series aluminum alloy welding, laser welding of high strength and good formability.


Laser welding has its disadvantages, mainly the high cost of equipment investment, need big traffic operation expensive helium as shielding gas cost is higher. Places a laser beam can get advantage, laser welding, but also brought the connector installation and difficult problem. A small offset can be welding conditions even if it is a small hole (o.I MM) can also lead to insufficient coupling laser radiation cause change. Reflective material, such as aluminum, copper, careful optimization of laser welding laser radiation. Although the high thermal conductivity of the material need high laser power density, it is reflected back to the reflection caused by laser optical element of laser damage problem.

Advantages and disadvantages compared with other methods of welding and laser welding in this paper. Compared to other welding methods, most from the focus of the laser spot welding strength of high strength, can be several orders of magnitude than the traditional method