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Hangzhou Leishen Laser Technology Co.,Ltd



The true: 0571-83512721

E-mail: 2698000962 @qq.com

Company website: www.leishenlaser.com

Address: hangzhou great river east river high-tech zone by all 3336 industrial concentration area

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Company is located in hangzhou city river east river high-tech industrial park, founded in 2010, is a subsidiary of the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of optical precision machinery, professional development and production of laser welding equipment, laser processing technology and products of subordinate enterprises. The company covers an area of 40 acres, has more than 30000 square meters of standard workshop and advanced office premises, and high automation production line.

Company for the national recognition of hi-tech enterprises, has a high and new technology research and development center of hangzhou, relying on the sea ray machine on the technical advantage of Chinese academy of sciences, has completed a number of innovative technology in the field of laser welding technology and product research and development, and successfully realized industrialization. Have 3 invention patents, utility model patent 18, 1 item of software copyright.

At present, the company has formed a series of laser welding is special equipment manufacturing, auto parts welding processing, cemented carbide, special materials of laser welding products of several major industries. Especially in the aluminum alloy piston welding equipment and technology, lead domestic peers, such as Shanghai Volkswagen automotive giant welding processing technology and products.

The company will focus on research and development are relatively backward domestic high energy beam welding and laser welding technology and equipment, for applications in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile parts, mold manufacturing and repair, machine and tool material surface strengthening, high-tech underwater laser welding field. Fill the domestic blank in the field of welding, catch up with the international advanced level, break the high-performance laser welding equipment rely on foreign imports of high technical barriers.

Companies strive to set up in three years laser welding industrial park, set up research and development, application, training center, warmly welcome interested in laser technology in the field of technology management talents to join us.